Organizing Content

As you add more and more content to your site, it will be important to have strategies for managing the content so that you can easily display (and users can easily find) the most important and relevant material. You do not need to delete any of your pages, posts, or files. Instead, you can organize everything on your site so that it is easy to find and so that you have a record/collection of work to draw from that will grow over time.

Multiple Classes

Once you’ve learned the basics of the menu creation process, you have several options on how to organize your work for the current semester and even past semesters. These support articles will describe a few options on how to organize the content on your site specifically for multiple courses.

Display Two Courses with One Menu

Create and Use Multiple Menus


Files and Links

As you make your site, you may want to use the same image or document on more than one page. You DO NOT need to upload the file twice! Instead, find better ways to manage your content. We have a few suggestions coming soon!