Clickable Grading Rubric

Welcome! In this tutorial you will learn how to use the clickable grading rubric that is included in the English 150/250 template. The rubric is a shortened version of the standard rubric provided by ISUComm Foundation courses. All of the scores are included and automatically calculates grades and enters them into the gradebook, saving you … Continue reading Clickable Grading Rubric

Why Moodle?

Why the English department uses Moodle:  A Guide for Instructors and Students Many people, instructors and students alike, wonder why ISUComm foundation courses (i.e., Engl 150 and 250) utilize Moodle instead of Blackboard. Below is a rationale to help all stakeholders understand the decision. CONTEXTUALIZED: Our Moodle is customized to the context of our curriculum. Much … Continue reading Why Moodle?

Recording Screencasts in Panopto

Welcome! In this tutorial you will learn about creating screencasts in Panopto and how using the screencast function can be a workaround to uploading completed videos to Panopto.   Step 1 Once logged into Panopto and in the appropriate folder, click on “Create” and “Record a new session”. Once you click on “Record a new … Continue reading Recording Screencasts in Panopto