Step 1: Set permissions

  • in your cybox, there should be a link next to the video that says ‘share’

  • click the link, and set the permissions to ‘anyone with the link’

Step 2: Find the correct url

  • there are two url’s to share the video. There is an ‘advanced settings’ icon that looks like a gear in the sharing window

  • at the bottom of the advanced settings page is a section that includes a url that lets people download the video if they have the url–this is the url you need.

Step 3: Add to your WordPress page

  • copy the url from the advanced settings page in the sharing menu
  • paste the url into a wordpress page.
  • The url should automatically reformat as a video player

For Support

If you encounter difficulty during any part of these tasks, please e-mail us at for assistance, or stop by 306 Ross during our scheduled support hours.

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