Set Front Page and Posts Page

Set Static Front Page and Posts Page

Once you have established your Pages, Menu, and Posts, you can set your ePortfolio to have a Static Page for your homepage and a Posts Page for your Reflection Blog. To do this, hover over Settings and select Reading. Choose what page you would like to be your homepage and select your Reflection Blog to be your Posts Page. This will allow you to keep all of your posts organized into one page that is separate from your other WOVE components. Every time you create a post it will automatically be added to the Reflection Blog page for you.

This screenshot shows how to set a front page via the settings option.
Click “settings” and then select “reading”. This will show you the page above.
This screenshot demonstrates the menu featuring "About Me" as the front/home page.
Check to see if your front page is working correctly by matching the first item in the menu to the title of the “home” page.
This screenshot shows how to check your posts page.
Click Reflection blog and check to see if your posts appear.

For Support

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