Create a Menu

Create Menu

Creating your menu is the next most important task in setting up your site. Users will use the menu to find content on your site, and the menu will help users see how the content on your site is related. Carefully consider what items should be included on your menu (you can always make changes later).

To create your menu there are multiple steps:

Step 1

Hover over Appearance in the sidebar and find Menus.

This screenshot demonstrates how to find the menu option in the "Customize" area.
Click “Appearance” and then select “Menus”

Step 2

Title your menu something simple for you to remember, i.e. Main, Top Nav, or Primary. Click the Create Menu button.

This screenshot demonstrates how to create a menu.
Click “Create Menu”

Step 3

Select all of your pages on the left side and then click Add to Menu.

This screenshot demonstrates how to select all the pages you've created and add them to the menu.
Select all pages you would like to include and then click “add to menu.”

Step 4

The pages will appear in rectangular bars in your menu space now. Click and hold an item in your menu to drag it into the order you want. Be sure to consider the expectations established by the assignment and the instructor. For the Engl 150/250 ePortfolio, the order could be: About Me, Written, Oral, Visual, Electronic, and Reflection Blog.  As you add more pages, be sure to add them to the menu. To make a page a sub-item, drag the page underneath the page you want to be the parent and move the bar to the right a little bit until it locks into a dotted box that will make it a sub-item.

This screenshot demonstrates how to create a sub-item in your menu.
Make a page a sub-item in the menu by dragging it to the right.

Step 5

Check the Theme Locations box to set your menu as Primary Menu. Then you can click the Save Menu button.

This screenshot shows how to make the menu a "primary" or "main" which makes it visible on your site.
Be sure you click “Primary Menu” or, in some themes, “Main Menu.”

Step 6


Visit your site and you will now find your menu on the top of your ePortfolio main page.

This screenshot demonstrates how to check your menu from your home page.
View your site and check to see that the menu has what you want and is in the correct order.

For Support

If you encounter difficulty during any part of these tasks, please e-mail us at for assistance, or stop by 306 Ross during our scheduled support hours.

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