Add a New Post

Add New Post

For each assignment in 150/250, you are required to write a reflection about your writing process. Some instructors will have you submit your reflections as Blog Posts. These are different than Pages (static content) as Posts are always changing or dynamic. The process for creating a Post is similar to Pages. Hover over Posts and select Add New. Title your post and write your reflection in the text editor.

The right side of the text editor box gives you multiple options for your posts. Rather than using a menu, Posts are organized with Categories and Tags. How you decide to use these features depends on your own purpose and personal preference. You might have Categories for each WOVE communication and then use Tags for the assignments or topics you are writing about. Posts can be very useful to keep a running blog for your class but requires some experimenting with the WordPress options. See this Categories and Tags article for more help.

This screenshot demonstrates how to navigate to the posts area and add a new post by clicking "Posts" then "Add New"
Click “Posts” and then click “Add New”‘
This screenshot demonstrates how to add categories to your posts.
Assign categories by completing the three steps noted by the purple arrows.

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