Setting the Course Format

To select a course format in Moodle, go to the Settings block and select “Edit Settings.” The settings block will be located in a side column or in the dock, which is located on the left side of the page. The exact location will depend on the theme being used and whether or not you have “docked” the block.

The “Edit settings” link in a docked Moodle block.

Changing from one course format to another

Before changing the course format, you need to consider how it will effect the content that has already been developed for the course.

Changing from weekly format to topic format

If you switch from topic view to weekly view, each topic will become a week. If there are fewer weeks than there were topics, materials from later topic will be located in a section named “Orphaned Activities”.

Changing from topic format to weekly format

If you switch from weekly view to topic view, each week will become a topic. If there are fewer topics than there were weeks, materials from later weeks will be located in a section named “Orphaned Activities”.

Changing to the social course format

If you choose the Social course format, your activities will be hidden. Changing the course format will never delete any resources or activities from your course.

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