Questionnaire Activity

Welcome! In this tutorial you will read about creating a questionnaire. A questionnaire is a useful tool to gather information from students. For example, this could be useful when getting to know students and their interests early in the semester, or it might be useful for checking in with students about their thoughts on the course half way through the semester.

Step 1. Create the activity

Step 2. Configuring settings

Step 3. Adding questions

Step 4. After the questionnaire is made

Step 1: Create the activity

“Turn editing on”.

This is a screenshot of the button that turns on editing.
Click the green button to turn on editing.


“Add an activity or resource” in the desired block.

This is a screenshot of the "Add an activity or resource" button.
Click to add an activity or resource.


Select “Questionnaire” and click “Add”.

This is a screenshot of the "Questionnaire" option.
Locate “Questionnaire” and click the radio button; then click “Add.”

Step 2: Configure Settings

Provide a name and description for the questionnaire.

This is a screenshot of the name and description text-entry boxes.
Add a name and short description for the questionnaire.

Configure the date and time of availability of the questionnaire.

Screenshot of adding date/time.
Click to select the date and time for the questionnaire.

Decide on a response type.

Screenshot of the response options.
Choose the options you’d like to include in your questionnaire.


Click “Save and return to course” when finished configuring the settings to your liking.

Screenshot of the "save and return to course" button.
Click “save and return to course” to view the questionnaire.

Step 3: Add questions

After creating the activity, click on it on your page.

Screenshot of your new questionnaire.
You should see the questionnaire’s name appear in the appropriate week.

And then click on “Add questions”.

Screenshot of the "Add questions" option.
The next step is to add questions to the questionnaire.

On the next page, choose the question type and click “Add selected question type”. For example the “Rate (scale 1..5)” option will let you create items with a Likert scale.

Screenshot of question types.
Select which type of questions you’d like to use in the questionnaire.


After selecting a question type you will fill out the appropriate fields. For example, if you choose the “Rate (scale 1..5)” question the following fields will appear.

Screenshot of editing the rating scales.
In this step you will select the type of rating scale you want to use.

Beneath the question text you can add individual lines that represent the items that comprise the rating scale. Once you add the items that you want to fit under one question, click “save changes”.

Screenshot of possible answers.
Here you will add some possible answers.


You can preview what the question will look like by using the “Preview” feature.

Screenshot of previewing a question.
Preview your question(s) to see if they are to your liking.

Step 4: Revise the questionnaire after it has been made

If you have created your questionnaire and want to go back to it to add more questions, you can do this by clicking on “Questions” in the “Administration” block.

Screenshot of choosing "Questions"
Select “Questions” under the administration block.


Once students have completed the questionnaire you can view the responses and descriptive statistics.

Screenshot of questionnaire results.
Here you can see what the results will look like.

For further information about different question types, please click here.

For Support

If you encounter difficulty during any part of these tasks, please e-mail us at for assistance, or stop by 306 Ross during our scheduled support hours.

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