Additional information about Scheduler

Welcome! This tutorial provides you with additional information about the Scheduler. If you need to review how to create a Scheduler, you can find it in this documentation.

Topic 1. List of students who still need to schedule an appointment

Topic 2. Setting up a scheduler for different sections / combined sections


Topic 1. List of students who still need to schedule an appointment

Sometimes teachers want to be able to see a list of students who have yet to sign up for an appointment. A list of students who still haven’t signed up doesn’t automatically appear, but there is a way to see such a list. Under “All appointments” in the settings you can see a list of all students who have made an appointment. Check the box next to student names and their names will be removed from the list of students who “Still need to make an appointment” at the bottom of the screen. The changes in the list won’t be reflected until the page is refreshed.



Topic 2. Setting up a scheduler for different sections / combined sections 

If you teach multiple sections of a course, you need to adjust the settings for the scheduler. Let’s assume that you are teaching two sections of a course. There are two ways of creating a scheduler for the two sections.

Option 1. Create two separate schedulers for each section.

This option is quite straight forward. You can create two schedulers in your course site. However, the times and date(s) for each scheduler should be different. You can use groups to keep your two sections separate.

Option 2. Create one scheduler for two sections.

You can create one scheduler. You can follow the same procedure as described above. However, Group mode should be set to “No groups” since you are sharing a single scheduler among all students regardless of sections. Otherwise, your students won’t be able to view the time slots.



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