Embedding a video hosted on CyBox

Welcome! In this tutorial, you will learn how to embed a video hosted on Cybox to Moodle. You can follow the instruction to share multimedia resources (e.g. videos, or audios) with students via Moodle. Complete information can be found in Embedding a video in its own player on MoodleDocs.

Steps for findings URL in CyBox and embedding it to Moodle

1. Finding URL in CyBox

2. Sharing and Embedding URL to Moodle



1. Open CyBox (https://iastate.app.box.com) and make sure you save videos on CyBox.

2. Log into CyBox with your ISU Net-ID and password, and find the videos on your browser. If you don’t want users to be able to download the videos you embed, follow steps 3 and 4. If you want people to be able to download a video that you embed on your Moodle site you can skip to step 5.

3. Click on […] to the right of the video file you want to embed. Then go to [Sharing] and [Share link].

Screenshot 1: The share link button can be found in the drop down menu found by clicking on the button to the right of "shared" and mousing over the "sharing" link.


4. In the next window that pops up select to share with [People with the link], and then click on the little gear for advanced settings.

Screenshot 2: The advanced settings button is the little gear icon at the top right corner of the shared link text field. The "people with the link" dropdown link is right below this text field.

In [Advanced settings] make sure that “Allow Download” is not selected.

Screenshot 3: The "Allow viewers to download" checkbox is located near the bottom of the link settings dialog box.

5. To embed the video, click on the […] and go to [Sharing] and [Embed Widget].

Screenshot 4: The "Embed Widget" is located right under the "share link" button.


6. In the next pop-up box click on [Preview this embed]

Screenshot 5: The "preview this embed" button is located right under the "embed code" text field.

On this page, click on [Click Here] to get the Embed code for users who don’t have CyBox account.

Screenshot 6: The "Click Here" button is located right above the embeded code box.

8. At the bottom of the pop-up window, find and copy the embed code beginning with <iframe src=”.. “

Screenshot 7: The long URL within the box is what should be copied and pasted to your moodle site.


1. In your own Moodle page, click on the page setting.

Screenshot: The "Page setting" button is the small gear icon right under

2. In the setting, Click on HTML source editor.

Screenshot 9: The HTML editor button is the greater than and lesser than symbols between the font size dropbar and binoculars button.

3. Paste the embed code you copied from Cybox in to the page.

Screenshot 10: The HTML source editor will bring up a box where you may past the embed code.

4. Click on [Update]

5. The video will display in the page.


For Support
If you encounter difficulty during any part of these tasks, please e-mail us at moodle@iastate.edu for assistance, or stop by 306 Ross during our scheduled support hours.

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