Backup a Moodle course

Welcome! In this tutorial you will learn how to backup your Moodle course page.

Following the procedure outlined below will result in creating a backup stored on the server, and also give the option of downloading a file containing the backup to your own computer. Creating a backup file can be useful to protect your data, and also for importing courses (or specific activities from a course) to different Moodles in the future when you don’t have access to your past Moodle courses on a server. For example, if you work at a different university in the future you can use a backup file on your computer or on the server to restore your course.

1. Click on “Administration” and click “Backup”

Back up Moodle course screenshot 1


2. Navigate the on-screen prompts unchecking any information that you don’t want to save. For example, if you only want to back up one activity that you frequently use in a course for future use in another course, you could uncheck everything but that activity. However, many people will want to keep everything checked to have a comprehensive backup, “User data” being the exception.

Back up Moodle course screenshot 2


3. Click “Perform backup”

Back up Moodle course screenshot 3

4. Once the backup is performed it will be stored in the “Course backup area”. You can also download the backup as a .mbz file and store it on your own computer. A file like this can be used to restore or import to a course in the future.

Back up Moodle course screenshot 5


For Support
If you encounter difficulty during any part of these tasks, please e-mail us at for assistance, or stop by 306 Ross during our scheduled support hours.